10 Healthiest Low-Carb Foods

1. Watermelon

With summer almost here, you'll be happy to know that watermelon is one tasty and hydrating low-carb fruit. As with many other fruits, however, most of these carbs come from sugar

2. Broccoli

Like many vegetables, broccoli is low in carbs but packed with other nutrients such as fiber and vitamin B6. Sauté it with heart-healthy olive oil as part of a tasty stir-fry

3. Strawberries

Fruit can be fairly rich in carbs thanks to simple sugars glucose and fructose,but strawberries are on the lower end of carb spectrum,clocking in at just over 11 grams of carbs per cup

4. Green Beans

One cup of the cooked veggie has less than 10 grams of carbs. While the amount of sugar in green beans is slightly higher than the amount of fiber

5. Red Bell Peppers

ed bell peppers also contain about nine grams of carbs per one cup serving and have beta-carotene, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

6. Spinach

Another low-carb veggie worth taking note of is Popeye's favorite: spinach! Not only does one cup of the cooked leafy green contains less than seven grams of carbs

7. Popcorn

Like spinach, air-popped popcorn has more fiber than sugar, making it an ideal snack for those looking to lose weight.

8. Cherry Tomatoes

With less than six grams of carbs per cup, cherry tomatoes are perfect to add to a salad or eat as a snack for a flavorful option that's low in calories.

9. Cauliflower

The cruciferous veggie (which can also be made into a delicious "rice") contains high amounts of vitamins C and B and about three grams of fiber in one cup.

10. Kidney Beans

Not only are kidney beans an excellent source of fiber, but they're low in carbs as well, making them an ideal pantry staple for those looking to shed a few pounds.


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Even if you're not a fan of cornbread, corn chowder, or fresh kernels in your favourite salad, corn is a staple food in many homes around the world.