12 accidental food inventions

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Chocolate brownies

ildred Brown Schrumpf in Bangor, Maine, deflated a chocolate cake, according to Betty Crocker's Baking Classics.


Champagne was traditionally regarded a bad wine. 17th-century winemakers spent a lot of work removing bubbles from the drink.

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

John and Will Kellogg created Corn Flakes while making granola. The team accidently flaked wheat berries, then tried corn and saw potential.

Blue cheese

Supposedly A inebriated cheesemaker left a half-eaten loaf of bread in a cheese cave, creating blue cheese. Moldy bread had turned the cheese blue when he returned.

TV dinner

TV dinners didn't become popular until Swanson Foods had 520,000lbs (2,356 tonnes) of leftover turkey after Thanksgiving in 1953.


The Popsicle was invented by an 11-year-old. Frank Epperson left a cup of soda with its stirring stick on the porch overnight in 1905, and it had frozen.

Soda floats

Robert Green, a soda store proprietor in Philadelphia, used carbonated water, syrup, and cream to manufacture floats in the late 19th century. 


In the late 1950s, store owner Omar Knedlik accidentally invented ice cream after his soda fountain broke. He froze his sodas so they were slushy when he served them. 

Ice cream cones

Ernest Hamwi, a Syrian concessionaire, rolled up zalabia to aid an ice cream vendor who ran out of bowls during the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.

Chocolate chip cookies

In the 1930s, restaurant owner Mrs. Wakefield ran out of one ingredient and substituted Nestlé semi-sweet chocolate.


Central Asian herders transported milk in animal stomachs. Good bacteria made some milk thick and tart.


Ten hungry military spouses from Fort Duncan crossed the border, and Anaya improvised by coating tortilla chips with cheese. He melted it beneath the broiler, then covered it with jalapeos.

Burger King Launching Two New Burgers

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