14 Golden Brown Hair Color Looks to Try

A gentle balayage may make your curls seem easy. Keep your curls healthy and golden brown without adding too much colour.

Soft Golden Curls

I always recommend my brunettes get 'tone on tone' warm highlights. This is for an extra glow with a seamless grow-out.

Warm Brown

You can never go wrong with honey-hued tones for a warm, bright feel.

Honey Brown

A simple and conventional way to keep a low-maintenance look is by keeping your natural hair base and sprucing it up with brighter ends.

Dark to Light

Toffee-colored ribbons throughout a golden brown hair look always bring out the eyes.

Toffee Ribbons

Kisses of golden brown highlights will add grit and hold while minimizing damage to the hair.

Touch of Golden Brown

For those who want to play on the honey side of golden brown, a look like this can easily be done with a glaze for a low-maintenance touch.

Blended Honey

If you’re wanting more of a drastic change, asking your colorist for caramel ribbons painted throughout your hair to give the illusion of an overall base color without the commitment.

Caramel Look

If you're looking to add dimension to your protective style, golden brown box braids are the perfect combination.

Golden Box Braids

Senegalese twists are one of the most popular protective styles, and a great way to make them stand out is with a touch of golden brown.

Knotless Senegalese Twists

Painting on blonde highlights will accentuate natural texture and movements.

Two-Toned Highlights

Curls naturally get drier faster, so going fully blonde may require a lot of care to restore moisture.

Golden Swirls

This lighter version of a chestnut hue will add some glow to your look.

Luminous Chestnut

This look on Beyoncé is a perfect play on golden brown hair if you’re a natural brunette and just want to add some dimension while still being low-maintenance.

Dimensional Brunette

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