4 Surprising Effects of Eating Parsley


This herbaceous green contains natural aromatic oils that give parsley its distinct flavor and scent. And these may help freshen your breath.

You may have fresh breath

Although more evidence is needed to confirm this benefit, it still doesn't hurt to take a bite or two of the leafy green.

No longer just a bright garnish to place on top of your dish, that parsley decor may be getting eaten instead of pushed to the side.

You may end up eating less salt

Parsley naturally contains a delicious flavor, and including it in dishes may help boost the flavor of the meal without the need for adding too much salt.

To get an idea of how to incorporate more parsley into your dish, try our Sprig of Parsley Smoothie.

Parsley contains vitamin C, which supports immunological function.

You may support your immune system

One cup of chopped parsley includes 79.8 mcg of vitamin C and 984 mcg of vitamin K, which is 1,230 percent of the RDA. Vitamin K may be immune-boosting.

Parsley is a source of fiber, which can help keep bowel movements regular and support gut health.

You may experience improved digestion

Not eating enough fiber can lead to being backed up, weight gain, constantly feeling sleepy and bloated, and developing high cholesterol.

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