Birds Crashing Into Your Windows: 8 Ways to Prevent It

A bird crashing into your glass disrupts observing backyard wildlife. To protect birds from a potentially lethal crash, distort reflective glass they commonly mistake for their habitat.

Reflections on the glass will be distorted if you apply tape in a grid across the exteriors of your windows at regular intervals.

Apply tape to the outside of your windows.

Acopian BirdSavers, also called Zen Curtains, dangle outside your windows and operate like tape, but are more visually pleasing and don't attach to the glass. Make or buy BirdSavers.

2. Install "zen curtains" in your windows.

Pick a theme or collect window decals. Either way, you'll need a lot; for the stickers to be effective, there can't be much gap between them. Audubon recommends leaving 2-4 inches between decals.

3. Cover your window with decals.

Fun for youngsters and kids-at-heart: Unleash your inner artist with paint or soap. Again, don't leave much gap between each design.

4. Paint or soap windows.

Screens and nets collect insects and muck up reflected landscape views that attract birds to glass. Make sure insect screens are outside and cover the entire window; for netting,

5. Install window screens or netting.

Close your drapes or blinds to conceal reflective glass and prevent bird strikes. You don't need to transform your house into a cave and remain in the dark all day—just cover unoccupied windows.

6. Cover your windows.

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