99 Fantastic Recipes to Beat Your Weeknight Dinner Boredom

Beer and steak bites adultify mac and cheese. Use any beer (light or stout) to add flavour depth. Beer yeast binds cheese and noodles perfectly.

Beer Mac with Steak Bites

Corn dogs make tasty taco fillings. We didn't either until we found this recipe for corn dogs with jalapeno mustard slaw. Tacos topped with mustard, jalapenos, cilantro, cheese, and hot sauce.

Corny Dog Tacos

Cajun-seasoned shrimp spice up your Caesar salad. Shrimp pairs well with the keto-friendly Caesar dressing, and kale replaces romaine for added nutrition.

Shrimp Caesar Cajun

Homemade falafel, turmeric-flavored rice, and Greek yogurt-based sauce in naan bread is a winning vegetarian dinner. It's hearty, filling, and tastier than delivery.

Golden Rice and Special Sauce Falafel Naan Wraps

Asparagus and spinach make a tasty pesto. Mix pasta and blackened shrimp for an easy, flavorful dinner.

Blackened shrimp pesto pasta

Need a meatless dinner idea? Try our recipe for sweet potato and cheese bundles. Empanadas flavoured with curry are vegetarian-friendly.

Dessert empanadas

This Irish-style shepherd's pie will satisfy your meat and potato cravings. Substitute homemade or canned corned beef for ground beef and top fluffy mashed potatoes with breadcrumbs and cheddar cheese.

Corned Beef Cottage Pie

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