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Apple turnovers

A light, crisp crust is vital to a tasty apple turnover. This recipe from Cook It Real Good includes frozen puff pastry, but you may make your own if you want.


Everyone likes brownies, and if they only take 35 minutes to make, that's even better. Brownie recipe follows traditional processes, including combining dry and wet components separately.


Doughnuts are difficult to make from scratch when fried in oil. This air-fryer recipe from Delish requires no unusual ingredients. 

Chocolate chip cookies

This recipe includes butter, flour, and sugar. You can use white chocolate chips and dried cranberries instead of chocolate chips for extra crunch and protein.

Pecan strawberry rhubarb cobbler

This cobbler is a fantastic two-person dessert. The Taste of Home recipe asks for flour, butter, rhubarb, strawberries, tapioca, and pecans.

Chocolate cake

Cakes are usually prepared for exceptional occasions since they feed many. This cake from Also The Crumbs Please is excellent for one family.

Cinnamon-cake doughnut holes

This Eating Well dish tastes like cinnamon-cake doughnut holes but has less oil and fat.

coffee cake

Making a dessert from scratch means plenty of dishes. This Fork to Spoon air-fryer coffee cake recipe just takes one dish for mixing.


Like doughnuts, churros are formed from deep-fried dough. They can also be air-fried without extra oil. Plated Cravings' dish uses staples like flour, sugar, and butter.

Baklava bites

This air fryer recipe makes baklava bites—perfect for a sweet snack. You may serve the bits with honey for added sweetness, but don't burn the honey before air-frying.

Apple fritters

This Taste of Home recipe for air-fryer apple fritters has garnered wonderful reviews. This healthy treat is just as tasty.

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