Fast-Food Fries

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Wendy's makes the finest french fries. Unpeeled potatoes were used to make these fries, so they had some potato skin for texture. Crispy, salty fries.

Burger King

McDonald's french fries are superior to Burger King's. Burger King's fries were top-notch. Thick, gently browned, and crunchy. Burger King's french fries are classic.


Chicago's restaurant group has the greatest crinkle-cut fries. Crisp and fresh. Order these fries with a Chicago-style hot dog "via the garden"


KFC's fries astonished me. I want mashed potatoes or biscuits with fried chicken. The fried, seasoned fries were tasty.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack has amazing crinkle-cut fries. I loved that they came in a box, not a bag. This kept the fries clean throughout transit and provided a spot for ketchup.


Popeyes serves Cajun-seasoned fries. I liked these fries, although they're different from salt-only fries.


 If you like waffle fries, this may be your favourite. Waffle fries are great for dipping, and Chick-fil-A is known for their sauces.


Culver's serves crinkle-cut fries with mayo-ketchup "fried sauce." These fries were nice, but I'd rather eat cheese curds from this Wisconsin fast-food chain.

Five Guys

Potato sacks and peanut oil cartons line the entrance. Fresh from the fryer, my order was greasy.


2022 fries were thin, pale, and not crunchy. Timing is crucial with fries. People say a fresh batch right off the fryer is like night and day.

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