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wet dog food

Dry food is the most compact, shelf-stable, and inexpensive [choice] since you're not paying for the water in higher moisture meals

fresh dog food

Marketing may have helped pet owners learn about fresh dog food's benefits. Minimally processed, healthy, softly cooked, and frequently preservative-free.

budget dog food

Buying the cheapest dog food isn't wise. Ultra-cheap dog meals are bulked out with lower-quality components to keep prices low.

grain-free dog food

Grain-free diets are popular, but they're not better for your dog. If your dog is allergic or intolerant to wheat, grain-free food may assist.

dry dog food for puppies

Yes, your puppy needs puppy food. Shepherd says puppies need more calories, fat, vitamins, and minerals to develop well. Dogs under 1 year old eat puppy food.

wet food for puppies

Puppies can eat wet food too. Wet food is another wonderful alternative for pups. Shepherd believes wet food can assist puppies move from milk to solid food.

dry dog food for seniors

Around age 6 or 7 for a large breed and 10 or 12 for a little. A senior dog's diet depends on their health.

wet dog food for seniors

Wet meals provide senior dogs with comprehensive and balanced nutrition and provide various benefits for this age group.

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