Best Food to Boost Your Metabolism

We need energy to function throughout the day (which comes from the foods we eat), and our metabolism helps us by converting the energy we consume to repair cells, keep blood flowing, & even breathe.

eggs are considered the best food to boost our metabolism.

When choosing the best food for boosting metabolism, Burak looked at the whole picture to choose a food that was not only good for our metabolism,

Why are eggs a good choice?

but also delicious and accessible as well."They truly are incredible because they are not only tasty, super nutritious, versatile, and affordable, 

but there have been decades of significant research conducted on meals containing eggs linked to an increase in satiety, metabolism, and weight control," says Burak.

But why exactly are eggs a good metabolism-boosting option? The answer is found mainly in the protein content."Eggs are rich in both protein and fat, which increase the thermic effect of food,"

says Burak, "aka your body requires more energy to digest protein as compared to carbohydrates, for example."Protein is one of the key factors in improving or maintaining our metabolism.

According to a study from the American Journal of Nutrition, participants who ate a diet that was at least 29% protein had a significantly higher resting metabolic rate than the people whose diet

was only 11% protein.Foods that are packed with protein, like eggs, also help with our satiety."Higher protein foods are digested slower and delay gastric emptying (or leave the stomach slower),

says Burak, "which therefore keeps you fuller longer than carbs."


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