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To Eat Daily To Slow Aging

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Looking youthful once required pricey cosmetics, botox, or plastic surgery.

Dietitians have shown that sleep, exercise, and water intake affect how many wrinkles and age lines you have.

Eating well helps you look and feel young by slowing the ageing process. Blueberries aren't a superfood, but they're close.

The antioxidants in this fruit can help you look and feel younger and are great for your health.

These antioxidants reduce inflammation & protect the body from oxidation. They protect skin from oxidation, stress, and daily life.

Science keeps uncovering mysteries in this fruit. DNA damage causes ageing.

Blueberries inhibit DNA damage and may help prevent cancer and other DNA-related illnesses.

Fruit's high antioxidant content may increase lifespans and maintain the brain healthy.

Although these berries are the finest anti-aging fruit, you still need to eat more of them.

You may add blueberries to a smoothie, yoghurt, or cereal, or nibble on a few.

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