Best Food to Lower Your Cholesterol

The best food for cholesterol is a pantry staple

As far as soluble fiber-rich foods go, experts say the best one you could eat to keep your cholesterol under control is black beans. (They also happen to be the best carb for weight loss

because they're high in protein and fiber but low in fat)."You can use canned beans, or cook them from their dry form—both work," says Ayoob. "Bonus

—beans help to prevent blood glucose spikes." A 3/4 cup serving of black beans packs 5.4 grams of soluble fiber— that's 19% of the daily value for fiber.

"Black beans are rich in a viscous, soluble fiber that interferes with the reabsorption of cholesterol-rich bile acids in your gut," says Dr. Joan Salge Blake, RDN, a nutrition professor

"The bile acids are 'grabbed' by the fiber before they can be reabsorbed by the body, and end up being excreted along with the fiber in your stool.

Your body then has to remove cholesterol in your blood to generate new bile acids in the liver. Presto—your blood cholesterol levels are lowered."

In addition to lowering cholesterol, Blake points out that black beans are rich in plant protein. By cooking with them, you can reduce the amount of animal protein you consume, and

Thus reduce the cholesterol-raising saturated fat. For example, Blake recommends using more beans & less ground meat or poultry in your next crockpot of chili to increase fiber & lower saturated fat.

Blake notes that black beans are also chock full of potassium,a mineral that can help control high blood pressure—which is important because high blood pressure can increase the risk of heart disease

Needless to say, picking up a can of black beans is about the best thing you can do for your body if you're struggling with high cholesterol.


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