Best Foods
That Boost Your Energy

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Eggs' protein helps smooth out energy peaks and valleys from sugary breakfasts. Your waistline benefits, too.


Upgrade to 70% cocoa chocolate when the 3pm lull hits. Two 10g (0.3oz) squares of dark chocolate have more fibre than an apple and a lower GI.


The bendy fruit is rich with natural sugars that release slowly and magnesium and vitamin B6, all important in energy release.


Nuts are a nutritious, energetic, and satiating food with protein, fibre, iron, vital fats, and magnesium. Almonds and walnuts assist balance sleep/wake cycles.


Fiber prevents blood sugar spikes that suppress melatonin levels. Fiber-rich legumes, veggies, and wholegrains like quinoa and wholewheat flour.

cherry juice

Montmorency cherries have sleep-regulating melatonin. Older persons with insomnia slept better after consuming 227ml (7.6fl oz) of the juice in the morning and evening.


Peoples who eat kiwis before bed increased sleep time by 13% and lowered falling asleep time by 35%.


Half a can of baked beans over grainy bread is simple and provides prolonged energy. This serving of beans offers a fifth of the daily iron and magnesium requirements.

Vegetables That Are Rich Protein Sources

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