Best Fruits to Help Lower Blood Sugar

Blackberries have an extremely low glycemic index (GI) of 25.According to the Mayo Clinic, foods with a score of 1 to 55 are low-GI, those that rank between 56 and 69 are medium-GI,

1. Blackberries

and those 70-plus are high-GI. Blackberries' humble score means they won't spike blood sugar as much as high-GI fruits like mangoes or grapes. blackberries are loaded with fiber.

Choose wild blueberries. Because of their smaller size, they have a higher ratio of skin to fruit—& the skin is where the fiber lives. Per cup,wild blueberries have over 6 grams of fiber

2. Blueberries

They're also teeming with antioxidants that can reduce overall inflammation.

Underneath apples' everyday persona lies a wealth of benefits for blood sugar.In addition to their hefty fiber content & low GI score, apples are rich in polyphenols—aka antioxidant compounds

3. Apples

that could help streamline blood sugar levels. According to a 2016 review in the journal Nutrients, polyphenols could help stimulate insulin production and keep blood sugar from spiking or dropping.

Tomatoes are low on the GI scale and low in carbs, so they won't significantly elevate blood glucose.

4. Tomatoes

whole oranges are another story. Their exact glycemic index score has been debated, depending on variety, but falls in the low category between about 33 and 52.

5. Oranges

And with their anti-inflammatory vitamin C and numerous other antioxidants, plus ample fiber, they're a sunshiny boon to blood sugar.

rather than eat dates by the handful, my advice is to use them as a natural sweetener in foods like baked goods, energy bites, and smoothies.

6. Dates

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