Best Leafy Greens To Eat Every Day

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Spinach's carotenoids "mop up" cell-damaging free radicals.

Greens prevent stomach, colon, oral, and esophageal cancers.

As a potassium-rich food, spinach lowers blood pressure and boosts cognitive performance. This veggie is nutritious and flavorful.


This spicy, peppery cruciferous vegetable offers several health advantages.

Vitamin K is a vital (and sometimes missed) bone nutrient.

Broccoli sprouts

These 3-to-5-day-old broccoli leaves mimic alfalfa sprouts. Per ounce, they have the same calories and macronutrients as broccoli, but 100 times more glucoraphanin.

Bok choy

Bok choy is a cruciferous vegetable, like broccoli and cabbage.

Cruciferous veggies cut cancer risk and include carcinogen-fighting vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, folate, and selenium.

Dandelion greens

This green should be on your veggie rotation.

These greens stimulate bile flow, break down fats, improve digestion, and protect the liver by filtering out toxic toxins.

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