The Best oil for frying

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When browsing for a new supper dish, you may find one that specifies the sort of oil to use.

We all know that not everything online is good advise, including internet recipes and social media challenges.

What is oil's smoke point? Safe oils? Serious Eats defines smoke point as the temperature at which oil begins to smoke.

Canola and vegetable (400 F), sunflower (440 F), corn, peanut, and soybean (450 F), light olive (465 F), rice bran (490 F), and safflower are neutral-flavored oils acceptable for frying (510 F).

You're right, these oils are less "natural." Refining increases an oil's smoke point and heat resistance. Cooking oils may also cause cancer.

Blog highlights that carcinogenic vapours offer little harm to home cookers, regardless of oil type.

Sunflower oil breaks down into fumes faster than olive or canola oil

Light olive oil (not virgin or extra-virgin) may be your cooking hero.

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