Best Smoothie To Manage Blood Sugar


Chia seeds are an excellent source of helpful nutrients that you can easily add to any smoothie you make.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are high in soluble fibre, which controls blood sugar for sustained energy. Soluble fibre produces a gel that inhibits digestion and sugar absorption.

Flax seeds and oats, together with chia seeds, can help you regulate your blood sugar levels.

Flax seeds and oats

Similar to chia, flax and oats are rich in fiber and help to prevent spikes in blood sugar.

Flax seeds must be crushed to digest and obtain health benefits. Flax and oats may also thicken smoothies.

And lastly, avocados make an excellent smoothie ingredient.


Not only do they enhance the texture of any smoothie, but  they're full of helpful blood sugar-lowering nutrients.

Avocados are high in the 'good for you' type of fat, which helps with reducing spikes in blood sugar when incorporated as a balanced smoothie with other ingredients.

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