Burger King Is Replacing A Value Deal

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Customers aren't happy with restaurant pricing hikes. Fast food is less economical now that Dollar Menus are gone and portions are less.

Burger King has cut prices to create room for premium options.

Customers still dislike the company's decision to phase out paper coupons.

In February, the restaurant maintained its new policy of minimising promotions by eliminating the Whopper from the Two for $5 deal.

Burger King is replacing its $5 Mix n' Match offer with a comparable, costlier bargain.

The Impossible King, Big King, Big Fish, Original Chicken Sandwich, and Single Quarter Pound King will now be $6 for two sandwiches.

The company has switched the pricing of its Mix n' Match offer before. Two for $6 became $5 in 2020. The cheaper bargain might return for a limited period.

Many consumers agree that inflation is a factor, but they question how the Two for $6 bargain would affect the company long-term.

Some consumers think Burger King's cuisine isn't worth the extra 50 cents each sandwich.

The company replaced Chicken Fries with the new Impossible King Sandwich on June 23. Some customers find this selection underwhelming.

Burger King isn't the only chain raising prices and eliminating discounts. Fast food prices are rising.

Wendy's hiked prices 6% since March, McDonald's 8% since April, Chipotle 10% since February, and Starbucks 20% since last year.

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