Coca-Cola has a new summer soda flavour

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This year, one of America's most recognisable businesses has shaken things up. It's challenging to keep up with new beverages and discontinued ones.

The soda firm just added "pop" to popstar, a first in 130 years of providing malted drinks.

Coca-Cola and EDM singer Marshmello are releasing a strawberry and watermelon drink. The limited-edition summer flavour combines the celebrity's favourite flavours.

This is the first time Coke has co-created with a celebrity, though these ads are popular.

Marshmello collaborated with Coca-Cola on a limited-edition drop. "This combination features my favourite flavours. I hope they adore how it tastes."

Coca-Cola Creations spliced Marshmello's new tune with a QR code tied to AI technology.

The celebrity collab is one of the soft drink giant's numerous exits. Coca-Cola has been experimenting with mixed cocktails, selling Jack Daniel's & Coca-Cola RTD nationally.

"Fresca Mixed" will join Topo Chico Hard Seltzers and Simply Spiked Lemonade later this year.

Coke attempted a space-inspired soft drink named Starlight in February that tasted like cotton candy and vanilla.

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