Costco Bakery Just Brought This Beloved Summer Pastry

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Costco has fall and Halloween goods on June 21. If you're not ready for a PSL, Costco has upped the price of a fan-favorite delicacy.

Raspberry Crumble Cookies are a seasonal pastry delicacy. Some members have spotted the 12-packs again. @costcobuys' 600,000 Instagram followers appreciate this.

We haven't seen these raspberry-filled butter cookies at Costco in a while. The 12-pack package was $8.99 in spring 2021, but the warehouse is charging $3 extra.

Even though it's expensive, this pastry dish freezes well. Even with the price rise, they're still approximately $1 a piece and can be warmed in the oven.

This isn't the only rising-priced supermarket item. As inflation rises, everything from beef to dried pasta costs more.

PepsiCo says it must raise prices and put fewer goods in packaging to offset production costs.

This isn't the first Costco item to increase in price recently. The Chicken Bake and soda cost more the day following July 4th.

 few days later, it was disclosed that online and warehouse Forever Stamps will eventually cost more.

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