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Kirkland Golden Margarita Mix

Kirkland Signature ready-to-drink Golden Margarita Mix is a popular Kirkland brand.

Motor City Pizza

Many members carry frozen pizza. "The best frozen pizza on the market" is how some describe it. Double Pepperoni or Ultimate Meat packs are available.

Garden Chicken Salad

The Costco deli's assortment includes chicken wings, mac & cheese, and more. One member claims it's new.

Garden Salad with Chicken and Croutons has chopped salad blend, micro peppers, caesar vinaigrette, chicken breast strips, grape tomatoes, and shredded parmesan.

Creative Snacks Strawberry Pretzels

The rich strawberry flavor on these crunchy snacks makes for a delightfully sweet and salty treat that members have been devouring for a while.

The oven-baked pretzels are dipped in strawberry-flavored yoghurt, elevating them from ordinary yogurt- or chocolate-dipped pretzels. They'd be great with fruit as an afternoon snack.

Meli's Monster Cookies

Meli's Monster Cookies cookie mix is now available at Costco and members say gluten-free snacking got a little easier and way more tasty.

The gluten-free cookies are packed with plant-based protein. These are perfect for gluten-sensitive people who want a cookie after a meal.

Snak Club Tajin Festival Snack Mix

Reddit Costco consumers love this chili-lime nut-and-corn combo. It's hot and flavorful—an addictive snack.

Costco Raises Prices Of Popular Item

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