Foods for Men Over 40 To Avoid

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1. Nacho Cheese Dips

Nacho cheese dips include artificial colours, flavours, and ingredients. Make your own cheese dip using spices and herbs.

2. Charred Meats

If you're concerned about your health, limit your grilling. Scorching steaks and other proteins over an open flame produces HCAs and PAHs (PAHs). 

3. Deli Meats

Your deli meat may not be what it looks. The label contains excessive quantities of belly-bloating salt, nitrate preservatives, modified corn starch, and carrageenan.

4. Cupcakes

Yes, cupcakes. Too much sugar might age you. Facial acne and premature wrinkles are indicators of eating too much sugar.

5. Muffins

Once you approach your 40s, avoid consuming sweets frequently. Muffins can include a day's worth of sugar and fat.

6. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice's fructose is connected to belly obesity. Belly fat causes heart disease, diabetes, and other disorders.

7. Sugary Cocktails

In your 20s, doubling fist two Jack and Cokes might have seemed like a fantastic idea, but in your 30s and beyond, limit alcohol intake.

8. Food Coloring

Many baked products, sweets, and other processed foods include artificial food colours.

9. Soda

Consumer Reports for a Livable Future found that 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI) increases cancer risk. More shocking soda facts.

10. Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners don't add calories but enhance sugar cravings. Aspartame, sucralose, and stevioside can cause weight gain, diabetes, and other disorders.

11. Margarine

Many margarine products utilise propylene glycol, a synthetic chemical that raises cholesterol and causes weight gain.

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