Healthy beetroot dishes That Are Tasty Too

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1. Beetroot Cookies

Inside these gluten-free oat-flour cookies are beetroot purée, honey, poppy seeds, and prunes. They're tastier and cuter with sesame seeds. 

2. Borsh Soup

Eastern Europe and North Asia love this soup. You may prepare it with meat or veggies over time. Both are nutritious and delicious.

3. Beetroot Crepes

Guests will wonder how these crepes turned crimson. Add beet juice to the regular crepes recipe.

4. Beetroot Pizza

We needed a pizza with beets. You may use beetroot slices or juice to make a colourful pizza.

5. Beetroot Gnocchi

If we want to continue investigating Italian food, we can make beetroot gnocchi. You just need 4 ingredients: potatoes, beets, flour, and eggs.

6. Beetroot Pasta

Italian food may utilise beetroot's bright hue. Mixing beetroot juice with pasta makes beet raviolis or spaghetti.

7. Beetroot Gazpacho

We may add different components to the gazpacho recipe to make it more distinctive. Adding cooked or raw beets makes a delicious gazpacho.

8. Beetroot Burger

This beetburger with mango sauce looks delicious. Gluten-free bread is excellent for vegans and celiacs. Delicious!

9. Beetroot Salad

This warm salad includes beetroot, avocado, sweet potato, lentils, and lettuce.

10. Beetroot Chips

Beetroot chips go well with beetroot hummus or conventional hummus. You may make two versions of hummus at once: one with chickpeas and one with cooked beets.

11. Beetroot Hummus

Beetroot hummus is a delicious and healthy appetiser. Chickpeas are high in protein, and beets and sesame seeds supply folic acid, vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium.

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