How to store bananas For Long Time?

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Bananas may ripen fast, becoming overripe. Follow our instructions to storing bananas for the perfect snack.

If you keep bananas on the counter, they may get too hot. Bananas mature faster if stored above 54oF (12°C).

Make sure to remove bananas from plastic bags. Fruit degrades fast in a warm, damp bag.

Don't keep bananas linked if you want to avoid overripeness. Separate bananas to prevent browning.

For optimal longevity, keep bananas separate from other fruit. Apples and avocados may mature quickly. You may utilise this knowledge to ripen bananas faster.

You may have heard you shouldn't refrigerate bananas, but you can. There are exceptions. Refrigerator-stored bananas should already be ripe because they won't ripen further.

Remove the skin, puree, and freeze. Slice and freeze. Freeze fruit for up to six weeks in a freezer bag. Make a smoothie or thaw.

Keep green bananas out of the fridge since they won't ripen. Not ready to eat yellow bananas? Move bananas to the fridge so they last longer.

Keeping bananas fresh is easy. Once ripe, refrigerate. The fruit should still taste fine even if the skin browns or blackens.

To keep bananas fresh longer, don't store them among ethylene-releasing fruits. Apples, melons, peaches, kiwis. Separate bananas from other fruits for optimal ventilation.

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