How To Store Cherries?

Cherries are delicate and hard to keep fresh, so we don't get to enjoy them for long.

Climate warming has shortened the period between spring and summer. If cherry trees aren't varied, there might be no cherry season.

To get the most out of the short cherry season, we must choose the freshest cherries and preserve them properly.

By keeping our cherry fresh, we can live out our summer daydreams all year. Whether we eat them one by one or bake them into a cobbler or crisp, we may make the most of their season.

The most typical error when keeping cherries is to rinse, confine, and refrigerate them. Cherries absorb water, so rinsing isn't optimal. Nothing keeps them freshest.

Don't wash them, don't even remove them from their bag, and keep the rinsing for shortly before usage. Keep them in their original container and refrigerate as soon as possible.

cherries lose more quality in an hour at ambient temperature than in a day in the fridge.

Cherries may be frozen whole with the pits inside if you remember when to consume them. Rinse, dry, and distribute cherry on a baking sheet before freezing.

After a couple of hours, they should be solid enough to transfer to a container or bag and freeze for up to a year.

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