Major Health benefits Of Eating Fish

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Heavy metals

Heavy metals and other contaminants are a risk while eating fish. Polychlorinated biphenyls cause worry (PCBs).


PCBs have harmful impacts on the immune system, brain, and more.


The NHS recommends pregnant and nursing women reduce PCB- and dioxin-rich seafood eating.

These include salmon, sardines, crab, and sea bass. 140 grammes is suggested.

Due to mercury, the FDA recommends pregnant women eat just one serving per week of halibut and tuna.

Mercury appears in many meals, but it's especially prevalent in fish. 78% of a study's participants ate fish and seafood.


Mercury, connected to cancer and diabetes, is another concern for growing foetuses.


Eating salmon and tuna reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Because of EPA and DHA.

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