Major Side Effect of Eating Cucumbers

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They help control blood sugar.

It's long been known that low-carb diets help control blood sugar levels and now, several animal studies show that cucumbers, in particular, may help reduce blood sugar levels.

Having reduced blood sugar levels means less damage to your blood vessels as well as the nerves that control your heart.

In another study, cucumber peel (which contains nutrients and fiber) reversed many diabetes-associated markers, including decreasing blood sugar. So don't peel the peel!

They can assist in lowering blood pressure

Eating cucumbers promotes the widening of blood vessels (vasodilatation), which can help combat hypertension and reduces the risk of heart disease.

A 2017 study found that drinking cucumber juice for 12 days helped lower the blood pressure of older adults. Doctors recommend that patients with high blood pressure eat low-sodium foods

They protect your heart

 Studies show that they are adept at scavenging damaging free radicals thanks to their antioxidant properties (they contain flavonoids, those plant compounds).

How does this help your ticker? Antioxidants block oxidative stress—the chemical process that generates damaging free radicals—which has been shown to contribute to cancer and heart disease.

They help prevent clogged arteries

Studies show that those almighty cucurbitacins  are a natural therapy for fighting atherosclerosis, the dangerous build-up of fatty matter on artery walls.

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