Most-Complained Burger Chains

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Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen introduced new hot menu items in April. New Stackburgers weren't well-received. The Takeout criticised the sandwiches' "lacklustre cheese," dry meat, and subpar garnishes. 

Business Insider was likewise unimpressed with the fast-food chain. Dairy Queen's burger patties were charred, mushy, and "unsettling," according to the article.

Dairy Queen has hundreds of unsolved complaints, including food service and food poisoning.

Burger King

After McDonald's, Burger King is the second-most popular fast-food burger chain. Wendy's took over in 2021.

Burger King is disliked along with McDonald's and KFC. Business Insider surveyed 3,000 readers to find out which fast-food establishments they avoided, and 13% said Burger King.

Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In complaints include burned burger buns and dry chicken. Soggy food and poor customer service also rank high.

Babble Top presents the ten foods you should never order at Sonic Drive-In in a YouTube video. Popcorn chicken was dry and under-seasoned, while french fries were mushy and unappealing.

White Castle

It's also recognised for something less humorous. They can induce stomach distress, intestinal pain, and diarrhoea.

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