Most Complaint Pizza Chains

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As the world's largest pizza business, Domino's focuses on speedy production. That implies cutbacks.

Missing garlic bread, order mix-ups, and unequal toppings complicate matters. Domino's employs some of the market's lowest-quality meat, which is disconcerting.

Pizza Hut

The brand's inability to adapt to current circumstances has hurt sales in recent years. Pizza Hut's subpar meat, like Domino's, adds to its unhealthy pizzas.

Even when Pizza Hut adds Detroit-style pizza to its menu, things don't go well.

Papa Johns

"Papa" John Schnatter's public image is a trash fire. While he resigned from his namesake firm in 2017, much of the harm remains, especially because he stirs up controversy.


Sbarro's decline in popularity isn't surprising given its food court status.

The once-mighty chain's sales continue to fall. This mall staple's revenues dropped 18% in 2020, while rival delivery-focused pizzerias soared.

Customers have complained about poor quality and "awful" food, including pre-made pizzas warmed by heat lamps.

Little Caesars

Little Caesars' affordability, consistency, delivery, and pizza have gained customers. More clients and volume implies more mistakes, shortcuts, and complaints.

"Two pizzas for the price of one" isn't wonderful if they're unhealthy. Little Caesars' image as a cheap choice may change if menu prices rise.

Uno Pizzeria & Grill

Uno Pizzeria & Grill's deep-dish has a milky reputation.

Due to plummeting revenues, notably a 28.5% drop during the pandemic, the business has shrunk to less than 100 shops, where customers complain about long deep-dish pizza wait times.

The restaurant is trying to rebuild its name, but its subpar cuisine will require a major revamp. Uno provides heart-healthy and harmful cuisine.

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