Sandwich Chains Most Food Quality Complaints

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It's hard to blame customers for flocking to greener pastures, though, especially considering how tarnished Subway's public perception has gotten in recent years.


At this point, Arby's is as well known for its roast beef as it is for the beef customers have with its food quality.


Chasing a declining business like Quizno's feels like beating a dead horse, but there's probably a good reason why it fell from thousands to a few shops.


Speaking of sandwich chains people are abandoning, Così is sinking faster than the Titanic. A far cry from its former fleet of 127 locations, the fast-casual chain is down to a mere 27.


Sadly, it's been a long and tedious spiral downward for one of the OG sandwich chains, as Blimpie has waned from 2,000 locations to barely 300.

Au Bon Pain

Like Sbarro and Orange Julius, Au Bon Pain is another endangered fast-food breed that's seen locations diminish with the disappearance of the all-American mall food court.

While the French-American bakery-cafe, known for its sandwiches, has been rescued, there's still plenty to complain about at Au Bon Pain.


In the land of hot dogs, Portillo's might be a beloved gem in Chicago, but the sandwich-slinging chain has its fair share of detractors, too.

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