Secret Effects of Drinking Green Tea

According to a study published by the journal BioFactors, participants who drank 10 or more cups of green tea a day showed a "decreased relative risk of cancer incidence

reduce your risk of cancer

If you plan on adding green tea into your routine, instead of brewing individual cups, make a pitcher of unsweetened iced green tea to have in your fridge when you're ready for a drink.

"Green tea contains an amino acid called l-theanine that helps stabilize mood and help you concentrate better," Hanks says.

boost your brain health

A study published in the journal Phytomedicine also attributed drinking green tea with the reduction of anxiety, benefits in memory and attention, and more efficient brain function.

"Green tea is a powerful weight loss aid," says Sofia Popov, a gut health scientist and the founder of GUTXY. "Rich in polyphenols, drinking a couple of cups of green tea a day

help you lose weight

should boost metabolism and lead to significant weight loss." While tea may contribute to weight loss, it could also tip the scales in the opposite direction depending upon what's added to it

Green tea has been proven in a study from the Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology to be beneficial for dental health, and can even reduce halitosis

It can strengthen your gums

also known as chronic bad breath.More specifically,the study shows that drinking green tea can be a practical method for prevention of periodontal disease,a gum disease that damages the soft tissue

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