Secret Side Effects of Eating Cucumbers

help prevent diabetes

ccording to Harvard Health. In addition to those dietary choices, it's also important to start eating more foods with a low glycemic index (GI).

The higher the glycemic index is of a number, the more a person's blood sugar will rise after eating it. Cucumbers have a glycemic index of 15, making it a food with a relatively low number.

You'll be more hydrated

According to a French and British population survey published by Nutrients, cucumbers are more than 95% water—which means that in addition to a crunchy snack,

you're also getting hydrated in the process of eating cucumbers."They can help contribute to your overall daily fluid intake and keep you feeling hydrated and your body functioning optimally

You can lose weight

There are only 16 calories in one cup of cucumbers, which means that the food has a low energy density. According to a Nutrients study focusing on food energy density,

there is a link between consuming foods with lower energy densities and weight loss.Additionally, due to their high water content, cucumbers are extremely filling while remaining low in calories

You'll avoid constipation

In a study published in Fitoterapia from Jadavapur University, it's said that the seeds of the cucumber, of which there are many, help to "prevent constipation.

they have a "cooling effect" on the body, according to the study.Pennsylvania State University's College of Medicine recommends adding cucumbers to a variety of dishes to help relieve constipation.

You could be gassy

While a positive of eating cucumbers is that you can avoid constipation, a downside is that cucumbers can also result in some excess gas.

It can prevent bloating

With their high water content cucumbers are amazing at keeping you hydrated, but they're also great at helping to eliminate excess water retention as well

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