Should You Eat The Skin On Salmon?

You're at a fancy restaurant and order salmon with crispy skin intact. You may notice a salmon skin roll at your favourite Japanese restaurant.

Or maybe you've read that leaving the skin on and cooking the salmon on the skin side leads to a more evenly cooked, better-textured salmon and prevents too much white albumin from leaking out as it cooks.

Salmon is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which our bodies can't produce and may help with heart, brain, skin, and eye health, reports Greatist.

Healthy and delicious salmon skin

Salmon skin contains the mostomega-3s of any fish, and cooking with the skin on helps retain oils and nutrients (via Healthline).

Medical News Today says salmon skin's antioxidants may help treat type-2 diabetes.

Knowing where your fish comes from is important when eating salmon skin. If you're not sure your salmon comes from clean waters, it may be best to skip the skin, especially for pregnant women and young children, advises Healthline.

Otherwise, try salmon skin. Crispy salmon skin adds texture and flavour to fillets. Wide Open Eats recommends eating salmon skin as a healthy snack, bacon alternative, salad garnish, or noodle topping.

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