Side Effect of Taking Medication With Coffee

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Thyroid Drugs

Thyroid drugs must be taken on an empty stomach, then nothing for 30 minutes. This helps absorb thyroid medication.

Osteoporosis Medications

Coffee reduces the effectiveness of osteoporosis drugs.

Acid Reflux Medication

Acid reflux medications function best when taken first thing in the morning.

Leg Swelling

Caffeine shuts off the hormone that makes you retain water, therefore it's a diuretic.

Heart Failure

Caffeine's diuretic qualities should be considered by heart failure patients

High Blood Pressure

Combining blood pressure medicine with coffee may increase its diuretic impact.

Attention-Deficit Medications

If you take medications for attention, hyperactivity, or impulsivity, coffee may "rev things up," reducing the medication's effectiveness.

Cold Medicine

Sudafed is a stimulant cold medication. Coffee and cold drugs may make it difficult to snooze later in the day.

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