Side Effects of Eating Canned Tuna

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Mercury slows children's development

Pregnant women who consume too much mercury run the risk of endangering their unborn offspring and youngsters at a young age.

Learning difficulties and developmental delays can be caused by mercury poisoning because the developing brain of a kid rapidly absorbs nutrition.

Children who receive toxic levels of this toxin as neonates are at risk for developmental disabilities such as cerebral palsy and blindness.

It affects fertility

The reproductive system may be affected by mercury exposure in excess.

Consider eating salmon or plant-based tuna in your diet if you're trying to conceive, as these fish are low in mercury.

Fish sticks, crab cakes, and tuna are just a few of the items that may be substituted for by Good Catch.

It affects blood pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension), elevated levels of LDL (harmful) cholesterol, and an increased risk of heart attack have all been related to mercury exposure.

Mercury toxicity causes memory loss

Adults' memory and eyesight. Also possible are tremors and numbness in the limbs. 

Other symptoms include difficulty walking, a lack of coordination, and weak muscles..

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