Side Effects of Eating Too Much Fiber

Many people focus on increasing their intake of soluble fiber to help lower cholesterol and/or improve blood sugar control," says Ruth. "Little do they know that

More Constipated

increasing intake of soluble fiber may actually be constipating, especially without drinking adequate amounts of water.This likely comes as a surprise to those 

who start increasing their fiber intake to help treat constipation. Fiber and water work together to bulk stool and help keep it moving through the digestive tract.

if you increase your fiber intake too quickly,you may experience diarrhea.This is because fiber (insoluble fiber) softens stool & has somewhat of a laxative effect

Cause Diarrhea

So in the end, understand the types of fiber and the reason why you are increasing them. Also, consider gradually increasing your intake of fiber 

Too much fiber can also quickly derail your day with some extreme stomach discomfort as well.

You may experience uncomfortable gas or bloating

"Eating too much fiber might lead to bloating or gas, especially when you eat too much fiber too quickly," says Paulina Lee, MSHS, RD, LD, functional dietitian

It's normal for our gut bacteria to create some gas by-product as it digests the food and fibers we consume, but when the gas and bloating

becomes uncomfortable, that's when you might need to re-evaluate your fiber consumption."