Side Effects of Having a Restrictive Diet

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It plays with your mind

Chronic restricted dieting affects mind and body.

Overeating slows your metabolism and promotes muscle loss. This combination may make your weight on a scale drop rapidly, but your body stores every calorie to defend you.

Once you can't maintain an ideal diet and start eating more or binge on forbidden foods, you gain weight and feel worse.

You become nutrient-deprived

You're eating less overall, so you're not getting as many minerals and vitamins.

Insufficient calories and nutrition rob your body and mind of important sustenance and can strain vital organs like your heart.

Your social life may take a toll

If you're always controlling how much you eat, you probably won't dine out or attend dinner parties.

Restriction is alienating and affects social life. You can't eat socially and may avoid social events.

You may struggle with self-confidence

Restricting worsens diets and self-confidence issues. 'But… Maybe this diet will help if I lose weight rapidly. No.

Your body is too clever and protects you when you're overly restricting, so you acquire weight faster.

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