Sodas That Use the Lowest Quality Ingredients

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Summit Cola

Summit is the Aldi grocery chain's in-house brand of sodas, and like most Aldi-branded products, part of the appeal is the low price.


At the risk of upsetting Juggalos and Michiganders alike, most flavors of Faygo soda are produced with very low-quality ingredients.


A few of the sodas in Shasta's lineup feature "natural and artificial" flavoring, but many are also entirely artificial, like the brand's Cream Soda flavor. 

Food Lion Soda

To make anything cheaper for customers, you either have to take a loss (unlikely) or use inferior ingredients. Food Lion Soda seems to provide both. 

Great Value

Great Value, Walmart's store brand, sells beans, pretzels, seasonings, and drink.

Big K

Big K sodas come to you thanks to the Kroger grocery chain, where you can get two liters of fizzy sugar drink for less than a dollar.


H-E-B's store brand line of sodas has soft drinks to mimic just about all the heavy hitters in the category.

And of course, they have a cola and a root beer and an orange soda and all the rest. The thing is, all of H-E-B's knock-off sodas miss the mark in their mimicry. 

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is created with inexpensive components, and you'd taste that if it didn't have a freshness preserver and flavour protectant.

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