Subway Announced Massive Menu Changes

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After years of turbulence and dwindling sales, Subway lost its position as the leading fast-food business in 2013 and has fought to rebuild itself.

It's still a monster, but it's no longer the chain with the most stores; it formerly had more than Mcdonald's.

Now, the sandwich behemoth is trying to recover its top spot. As part of its "Eat Fresh Refresh" promotion, Subway is revamping its menu this week.

Subway's 21,000 U.S. locations have a new menu board (the company has not yet announced whether the rollout will eventually extend to international stores).

Cheesesteaks, Italianos, Chicken, and Clubs are on the new "Subway Series" menu. Each category contains three name- or number-orderable sandwiches.

There are various adjustments to the former menu's sandwiches. The Meatball Marinara sub will now be called "The Boss" Also available: a creamy garlic sauce.

ustomers may still add or delete ingredients, but the new menu streamlines the in-store experience. The launch departs from Subway's "build your own" strategy.

"The Subway Series is the most ambitious project in business history," stated Subway president Trevor Haynes on the brand's website.

Participating Subway locations will give out up to one million free sandwiches on July 12 to celebrate. Free 6-inch Subway Series sandwich between 10 a.m. and noon.

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