Supplement to Reduce Dementia Risk

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Over half of responders dread dementia or Alzheimer's, exhibiting motivation. 62% of UK respondents think dementia means "life's over."

In the U.S., polls reveal a 31% increase in dementia dread and that 66% of respondents are anxious about dementia caregiving. 

I appreciate finding tasty methods to get nutrition for healthy ageing and neurocognitive decline

These nutrients are difficult to acquire from food, so they're "low-hanging fruit" for supplements. Omega-3s benefit the brain and blood arteries.

Lowering inflammation adds to their neurocognitive and neuroprotective effects.

As a nutritional psychiatrist, I advocate starting with a diverse diet and whole foods to incorporate these nutrients in your diet. Whole foods also include fibre, proteins, and antioxidants.

Plant foods contain omegas. Brazil nuts contain omega-3s. The NIH advises 1.6 grammes of omega-3s per day for males and 1.1 grammes for women.

Consider these brain-health vitamins as well as some brain-harming eating habits.

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