Surprising Drinks Causing Your Headaches


Many energy drinks are loaded with added sugars, caffeine, and additional herbs that are thought to boost energy.

Energy drinks

Though one of these drinks might give you a boost for an hour or two, the crash can lead to headaches and fatigue due to the dehydrating nature of caffeine and sugar.

All alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it promotes the loss of water and electrolytes.

Beer or wine

Beer and wine may be more diuretic than hard liquor with ice or non-alcoholic beverages. Dehydration and headaches result.

Fruit juices can be very high in sugar, which has a direct effect on the nervous system.

Fruit juices

Drinking juice on its own (without food or other liquid) will cause a rapid rise and fall in blood sugar. The fast fluctuation in blood sugar will likely promote a headache.

Cold-pressed vegetable juices are richer in fibre and lower in sugar than fruit juices. Avoid added sugars. No fillers or preservatives, just fruits and veggies.

A single cup of coffee may actually be helpful for a headache, but more than one more two cups could be a recipe for a major headache.


Caffeine constricts arteries. Caffeine excretion dilates blood arteries. Blood pressure increases, causing a "caffeine withdrawal headache."

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