Effects of Chewing Gum

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You may experience fewer cavities

Gum sticks contain a lot of sugar. Sugar-free choices might be healthier.

Evidence suggests that consuming sugarless gum after meals might lower cavity risk.

Chewing can enhance saliva production, 'washing out' probable culprits and exposing teeth to more calcium, perhaps strengthening teeth.

You may experience fewer ear infections

Chewing gum with Xylitol may prevent ear infections in youngsters.

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol found in fruits and vegetables. Its sweet flavour is used to replace sugar in sugar-free products and gum.

You may stimulate your bowel movements

If you have GI surgery or a procedure involving that portion of the body (like a C section), chew sugarless gum numerous times a day post-op.

You may crave fewer sweets

Gum can satisfy sweet cravings after meals or as a lunchtime snack.

Chewing gum can fulfil a sweet desire and decrease hunger, assisting with weight management.

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