Surprising Effects of Drinking Cranberry Juice

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rich in antioxidants

Cranberry juice is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

They are one of nature's superfoods, having bioactive substances called polyphenols that give several health advantages.

help UTI health

Cranberries' anti-adhesion polyphenols assist prevent germs from adhering in the body and preserve UTI wellness.

decrease oxidative stress

Cranberry polyphenols improve heart disease risk factors by decreasing oxidative stress.

Cranberry juice's oxidative characteristics decreased cardiovascular risk variables in a 60-day trial.

benefit gut health

Research shows cranberry products can also help maintain a balance of healthy bacteria in your stomach, which can reduce the risk of metabolic illnesses.

Animal studies demonstrate that polyphenol-rich cranberry extract improves gut microbiota and reduces intestinal inflammation.

Chronic inflammation raises the risk of numerous illnesses, therefore keep inflammation low.

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