Surprising Effects of Eating Blackberries

1. You may lose weight

Eating fruit is linked to positive effects on weight management. Blackberries are naturally fat and sodium-free, have no added sugars, and are relatively low in calories.

Plus, the fiber found in these berries can help promote satiety, which can help support a healthy weight in the long run.

2. You will get immune support

Vitamin C is the darling nutrient of the immune health-support world. Vitamin C contributes to immune defense and promotes the antioxidant scavenging activity,

ultimately supporting a person's overall health. One cup of fresh blackberries provides 30 mg of vitamin C, which is over 30% of the RDA.

3. cognitive improvements

Blackberries contain a unique polyphenol called anthocyanin, which is also found in other foods that are naturally blue or purple in color (like blueberries, purple cabbage,

and purple potatoes). Data shows that this polyphenol is linked to significant improvements in memory, attention, and psychomotor speed, making blackberries a brain-health powerhouse food.

4. improvements in gut microbiome

Your gut microbiome can have a profound impact on your gut health, your immune health, and even your mental health, & it is impacted by  dietary and lifestyle choices.

Consumption of berries, including blackberries, can cause a strong shift in the gastrointestinal bacterial communities and support a healthy gut microbiome.

5. You may have reduced inflammation

Chronic inflammation is linked to ischemic heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other unsavory conditions. Data shows that berries can combat inflammation


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