The Best Ways To Store Watermelon

You wait all year for the first plump, juicy watermelons. They appear like summer sentinels. You open one and dive into freshness, but that thrill might fade quickly if you don't know how to retain it.

Having ready-to-eat slices in the fridge on a warm afternoon is part of the fun.

Florida's Watermelon Board says most watermelons last four weeks after picked. But it doesn't mean you have long at home. Most melons travel from the farm to the fridge or picnic table.

Before storing, choose the best watermelon

Before keeping a watermelon, evaluate each luscious-looking contender at the store. Damaged apples may not be as sweet inside. Check for bruising, dings, or discoloured, "mushy" indentions suggesting degradation.

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) warns that rind rot or damage may carry pathogens. If your melon is damaged, wash and scrub it before cutting and carving. You don't want microorganisms to get inside.

Watermelon Board recommends "Look, Lift, Turn!" After inspecting the melon's outside, weigh it. Since watermelon contains 92% water (thus the name), it should be heavy.

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