Why restaurant pizza is better

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Quality pizzerias and restaurants that make drool-worthy pizzas bake their pies at 800 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Most kitchen ovens can't reach those temperatures. Invest in a pizza oven dome.

Pro pizza ovens are super-hot, perfect for cooking pizza. The dome lets high heat circulate around your pie for even cooking. A dome oven-cooked pizza has a crunchy crust, soft centre, bubbly cheese, and charred toppings.

As mentioned, baking pizza at scream-hot temperatures is key. Top-brand home ovens may reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit. So, your regular oven won't reach 850+ degrees for that mouthwatering crust and gooey, caramelised cheese.

Your oven's pizza problem

To compensate for low oven temperatures, you may cook pizza longer. The sauce and toppings juices saturate the dough. Soggy pizza results.
A professional pizza oven with a dome can cook a pie in minutes. This creates a classic crust, soft centre, and "leopard-spotted" cheese.

Home ovens can't master flavour like pros can. Award-winning pizza parlours use domed, flamed pizza ovens to make their best pies. Some of the best pizzas are cooked with wood.

Flavor Secrets

In either case, the flame flavours the pizza. Fire-baked pizza gives it the perfect char, which makes it so craveable.
Flame-fueled pro ovens beat conventional home ovens. Gas ovens can't replicate the flavour and texture of a traditional pizza dome oven.

Pizza is America's favourite food, say surveys. Not surprising. Since its birth in 18th-century Naples, pizza has gone global. If you and your family prefer pizza every night, you can make it at home.

What should pizza lovers do?

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