Worst beach foods For Summer

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Deli meats

Deli meats are known to have a high sodium count—the average serving of honey ham can have 500 milligrams or more.

Instead, keep your sodium count low and choose to make a veggie sandwich or wrap it with hydrating vegetables.

Other options include this Quick Caprese Sandwich, this Chicken Salad Sandwich with Raisins and Curry Powder, or even stuff some whole-wheat pitas with this Curried Egg Salad.

Salty chips

Salty snacks like chips are certainly a fun treat, but if you're looking for a hydrating solution, go for other types of snacks.

For example, fruits are a refreshing option for the beach, and cut-up vegetables dipped in hummus or guacamole will also work well!

Fried foods

Fried meals are heavy in salt, which can dehydrate you. Fried meals drain energy.

High-fat meals can increase daytime drowsiness, so you may feel lethargic at the beach.

Sugary beverages

Due to how they're absorbed, sugary meals and drinks can also dehydrate the body. Sugar increases urine because the body requires more water to digest it.

If you choose sugary drinks over water, your blood sugar will jump and fall fast, leaving you lethargic.

Hot meals

It's about common sense, not health. Why microwave and tote a hot lunch to the beach? The dinner will be lukewarm and unpleasant by then.

Cooler-friendly meals are best. Pasta craving? Make Caprese Pasta Salad or Pesto Gnocchi.

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