Worst Breads To Eat On High Cholesterol

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Wonder Bread White

Wonder bread is bad for cholesterol since it's white, highly processed, and easily digested and absorbed, boosting blood sugars and inflammation.

This can potentially increase cholesterol levels further, and potentially triglyceride levels as well.

Kings Hawaiian Bread

Kings Hawaiian bread may raise blood sugars, insulin response, and inflammation like Wonder Bread since it's white and sweetened.


Eggs and butter are commonly used in the making of brioche bread.

The higher the amount of saturated fat in the bread, the more it will raise your cholesterol levels.

Because of this, I advise avoiding most brioche kinds if you're concerned about your cholesterol levels.

Wonder Bread Texas Toast

Most of the Texas toast varieties on the market contain more fat calories than other types of bread.

It is usually made with monoglycerides and digycerides, which come from soybean oil.

Nature's Own White Wheat

Fiber is one technique to lower blood cholesterol through food rather than diet. Fiber binds and eliminates cholesterol.

Fiber content makes certain loaves healthier than others. Low-fiber Nature's Own White Wheat is bad for cholesterol, yet customers think it's healthful.

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