Worst Cheese for Your Heart

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Cheese may be part of a heart-healthy diet with adequate portion amounts and a balanced diet.

Cream cheese may be the heart-unhealthiest cheese.

Cream cheese is heavy in saturated fat and micronutrient-poor.

Cream cheese has 87% fat in 2 teaspoons. 10 grammes of fat, or 15% of daily value. 5.9% contains saturated fat, 30% of your daily value.

Cream cheese has 29 mg of cholesterol per serve. If you have heart problems, restrict your daily cholesterol to 300 mg.

Be cautious while adding up 2 tablespoons of cream cheese.

In addition, cream cheese is often eaten with other heart-unhealthy meals.

Because we follow dietary patterns and don't consume one meal in a vacuum, it's necessary to look at what consuming cream cheese means for diet and lifestyle.

A little cream cheese is acceptable, but too much isn't heart-healthy.

If you want cream cheese for your bagel or buffalo dip, consider healthier varieties.

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