Worst Coffee for High Cholesterol

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Even though there are many ways to enjoy coffee, some who like something with a little more oomph may choose an espresso every day.

Espresso may be the worst daily habit for individuals who have or wish to prevent high cholesterol, despite the fact that there are many health benefits of drinking coffee.

In a recent study, researchers analysed data from over 21,000 56.4-year-old volunteers. Espresso drinkers had greater cholesterol, regardless of how much coffee they drank.

Lifestyle interventions to decrease blood cholesterol may include advising patients to switch from plunger to filtered or instant coffee.

Espresso is filtered more than french press coffee, thus it "doesn't enable the beneficial oils of the coffee to flow into the beverage"

The research doesn't investigate espresso's high antioxidant qualities.

"Espresso drinks are good." It's a fantastic source of antioxidants for folks who don't consume enough fruits and veggies.

If you want to switch caffeine sources, it's a "Great alternative for consuming the healthy fats in coffee.

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